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  Since the whole program is approaching to an end, here comes the chance for me to share what I have got from the sparkling past few days. I would like to call it 'My journey of surprises and discovery' and, briefly, the whole experience can be represented by four words which I have been keeping in my mind all the time: Passion, Zeal, Inspiration and Endurance. Passionate and Zealous are how I feel about the city and people; Inspiration is what I have got from the course and the teachers; and I finally realized that Endurance is what all people have to bear in mind while pursuing theirs dreams.

  Passionate university! Zealous people!

  Tucson is such a clean and lovely city with beautiful sunshine bathing down all the time. And the weather seems to have a certain kind of impact on the culture of the city and also people's personality. They are all quite friendly, polite and energetic. I was pretty happy before heading to Arizona because I knew here would be a lot of sunny days waiting for me. And I was more than happy when I got here and started to know that the University of Arizona is quite famous for sports, because I knew how much I would love the university and how well I could fit in here. I was a sport girl back in the days of university. Doing professional sport has always been the golden period and the most precious experience of my past, for the spirit of sport benefits me so much in whatever I am doing. It tells me how to keep positive and how to face hardship and fear. Studying in America was my dream and I never expected that I could be able to study in a university like the University of Arizona. Studying here not only gave me the skills required for English teaching, but also provided my mind a spiritual home. It feels like God makes my dream come true with an extra bonus.

  Apart from the great image of the university that I have, the professors and what the school had prepared for us also made me very impressed and touched. On the first evening when we arrived, considerate professors provided us a sweet, cozy hotel room, together with a huge basket full of colorful fruit and yummy snacks. It was so easy to tell how many efforts that they had made to make us feel like home. I was so myself being at the warm Welcome Reception. The Mexican Dinner Reception was so impressive! Amazing music, passionate musician, it just made me feel like to dance with them all night! But the person who made me overwhelmed the most was our Vice Provost: Mike Proctor. He is such a wonderful person, salt of the earth. He was so considerate to me that he ran around in the street only for finding a public telephone for me and asked me to feel free to use his cell phone when we failed to find a public one. This indeed touched me very deeply. How I wish we could have some wonderful provosts just like him in China! :

  Inspirational teachers and lessons…

  We all have the University of Arizona to thank for providing us such a group of excellent teachers. They all teach with all their hearts and they are really helpful in different aspects besides the teaching methods they shared with us during the classes.

  Dr.Chris Minnix's English 102 class indeed inspired me a lot: His kindly, freely teaching encouraged everyone to open mind to express themselves. This kind of teaching style is exactly what students need in China, but it is also hard to operate due to the size of the class and also the personality of the students. The traditional Chinese education has already trained the Chinese students to be such "great rule followers" in the exam-oriented English classroom. We know we still have a long way to go make Chinese students study more practical and useful English.

  Dr.D.R Ransdell's passion and strong zeal in teaching indeed impressed me! We shared everything about teaching through discussion and Q&A. She has given me such a wonderful skill on my teaching!

  The Visual-Spatial Showcase made a huge difference in my teaching ways! It's so creative and inspiring! I do have to bring those great hands on experiences to my Chinese students. I believe it will be a super fresh air to them! I also admire the way and strong will to express their thinking and ideas of American students. How wish I could have such great students in my class : There is one thing indeed touched me: the two lovely American girls tried so hard to find me among visitors just for giving me their self-created T-shirt Tag since I asked them for having one of those as a memory at the very beginning of the showcase!! It was unbelievable that they still remember me!! How sweet they are!! :

  Awesome drama show which washed my brain and brought me a brand new idea for Spoken English Teaching! The way of the three actors' express their feelings and emotion gave me such great impact on my teaching back to China. Especially Professor Bill Epstein, he rocks! I do believe that life is actually a drama, and we, as the human beings actually are the actors who play the drama of our own everyday, and I strong believe that: Life is actually like the flow, we can't touch the same water again, so enjoy every moment of our lives! :

  The Funny writing game from nice, smiling Professor Amy Kimme Hea indeed taught me how to do a professional writing; I surely will try to inspire my students back in China in this magic way!

  Teaching English Through Music, our super handsome star teacher: Mr. Chuck Philips indeed gave us such a great example. I actually, as a Spoken English teacher already put a lot English Songs into my classes and they worked well. But Mr. Chuck Philip opened more windows in my English teaching through music. I can picture exactly how excited my students will be when I put those amazing songs in my classes!

  … …Thousand upon thousand, the amazement has been flooding everyday since the first day I came here. There is still a lot gratitude that I do want to give to the other great professors whom I haven't mentioned so far, but when I try to put my feelings into words, I just find out that my feelings are beyond words can describe. But all in all, I LOVE THEM ALL! :

  Our test of Endurance…

  Finding effective ways of teaching English, especially English speaking, to Chinese students was like marathon. It is a test of endurance due to several reasons. Firstly, the class size of most schools' are quite large which makes the teaching of oral English difficult because it is nearly impossible for only one teacher to control or to give immediate feedbacks to the students when it is really necessary. Secondly, decades of being taught in the traditional way and the pressure coming from examinations have already deprived students' courage and motivations of speaking English. However, what they really have to do after graduation is using English, especially speaking, not talking examinations anymore and all of a sudden, they start to realize they have never opened their mouth to speak yet. That's how and also why the Chinese students' nightmare of Dumb English seems like unbreakable. All the facts make the responsibility on our shoulders bigger. And the whole picture can never be changed by the efforts made by several teachers.

  As a school which is capable of training teachers to teach a language better, I do hope that oral English teachers like me can get more benefits from this training course. If there could be several more lectures and seminars focusing on teaching skills for English speaking, the whole course would be perfect! And that's exactly what the teacher needs the most back in China.

  Special Thanks to:

  Last but not least, special thanks to all of our professors and staff here at UA! Especially million thanks to our Acting Head of the English Department: Professor Alison Deming; Our wonderful NOS Coordinator: Professor Lourdes Canto; Our sweet Professor MaryJo Galvez; Our lovely professor Angela Swift; Our dear helper Yang Yang; and our English Department main office! Thank you for your wonderful sharing and helping and thanks a lot for everything you have done for us. The past 10 unforgettable days being with all of you have already inscribed in the depth of my memory as such a precious treasure in my little life. I already can not wait to come over to be your student and be part of this awesome team again!

  Passion! Zeal! Inspiration! Endurance! UA! Impossible Is Nothing to the University which is full of dreams!



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